The Hipster Guide to Belgrade about 20/44

This popular Belgrade splav (raft) is located on the banks of the Sava river. Mercifully it works all year round, regardless of the weather conditions. This is my favorite place to go clubbing, especially in the summer season when the dance madness kicks off on the boat deck. The raft offers a good music selection ranging from Detroit techno and soulful to disco, funky, house and dub step. 20/44 hosts one of the best clubbing nights in Belgrade, called Disco not Disco featuring  local stars DJ Brka, Toshke, Schwabe and other special guests.

During the summer months, the splav offers a wonderful view of the old city and bridge at night, when all the lights are on. In the morning hours you can catch one of Belgrade’s breath taking sunrises. Over the winter, parties are held under the deck, where it’s warm and cosy no matter how cold it is outside. The atmosphere is always super sexy:  red lights, a few screens and lots of smoke. Splav 20/44 hosts the best local DJs and also world famous stars such as Detroit techno-master  MikeHuckaby and trendsetter Nicolas Jaar. The crowd is friendly and relaxed. The entrance fee is between 2 and 4 euros, and drinks are quite affordable.

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